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Compare Types of Replacement Windows in Omaha, NE

Picture window with grids in a sun-filled living roomAn Omaha Homeowner’s Guide to Replacement Window Materials

If you’re researching replacement windows, you’ve likely come across different options and terminology. It’s tough to understand what’s best for you or what types of replacement windows are common for Omaha homes.

For some much-needed clarification, here’s a quick guide to replacement window materials, pointing out the pros and cons of each.

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Weighing the Pros & Cons of Vinyl, Fiberglass & Wood Windows

Wooden Windows

Pros: The beauty, character, and warmth of a natural material, along with its ability to be stained or painted to any color preference, make wood a classic choice.

Cons: Wood windows are the most expensive option and require considerable maintenance to maintain their appearance and durability during their lifetime. Because they’re a natural material, they’re highly susceptible to warp, rot, mold, and insects.

Overall: For classic enthusiasts, those with historic homes, or those who truly want the “beauty of wood” and don’t mind the price tag (or the upkeep), wood can be an option for replacement windows.

Fiberglass Windows

A row of fiberglass windows along the back wall of a home

Pros: Less expensive than wood with nearly the same high-end appearance and color flexibility. Fiberglass windows are highly durable in terms of life span, and because of their material makeup, they don’t warp. True to its original inception, fiberglass is a natural insulator, making these windows highly energy-efficient.

Cons: Far more expensive than high-quality vinyl with arguably the same performance capabilities.

Overall: Fiberglass windows have come a long way, and some more particular tastes may say fiberglass has a leg up on vinyl in appearance and color choices. However, they’re significantly more expensive than high-quality vinyl, with no significant superiority in durability, efficiency, and maintenance.

Low-Quality Vinyl Windows

Pros: Cost is the only benefit to low-quality vinyl, making it a possible option for rental properties, flip houses, or super-tight budget situations.

Cons: Inferior to high-quality viny in all categories because they’re made from recycled PVC and other manufacturing shortcuts. And because the base material isn’t as strong, it requires more of it to reach a minimum performance level, giving them a bulky and “plastic-y” appearance. They also deteriorate and “chalk” over time.

Overall: Not all vinyl is created equal, and low-quality vinyl fuels the unfortunate misconception of “vinyl” windows as looking cheap. Those with extreme budget limitations have low-quality vinyl as an option, but otherwise, these windows should be avoided. They’re an inadvisable investment for the long term.

High-Quality Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows in a faux stucco home

Pros: High-quality vinyl checks all the boxes in terms of price and performance. They’re even quite easy to install. They’re far more affordable than fiberglass but just as durable, thanks to features like fusion-welded joints that make them air- and moisture-tight.

Cons: High-quality vinyl has a slight potential to expand and contract with extreme temperature fluctuations and cannot be painted for a custom appearance.

Overall: The best bang-for-your-buck option for new construction or replacement windows. They’re far less expensive than wood or fiberglass and look just as great, they’re highly durable and efficient, and they require almost no maintenance.

Turn to Zen Windows for High-Quality Vinyl Windows at a Lower Price

Replacement windows are one of the most worthwhile home improvement investments you can make (and one of the more fun!). High-quality vinyl windows have been the gold standard for several decades thanks to their highly durable and efficient qualities at an affordable cost.

Wood and fiberglass also offer exceptional qualities, such as charm and appearance. But without evidence of significant superiority in performance compared to high-quality vinyl, Omaha homeowners tend to trust high-quality vinyl for replacement windows over other materials.

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