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Slider Window Installation in Omaha

Many homeowners looking for new windows believe their choice of window design has to focus on letting in the maximum amount of natural light or sacrifice natural light for the sake of better airflow. That’s actually not true: You can achieve a wonderful balance of illumination and ventilation with slider windows from Zen Windows Omaha.

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How Slider Windows Work

As you’d expect from the name, sliding windows operate with a horizontal opening style instead of the vertical opening style you’ll find in other types of windows. To open a slider window, you grab the side of the moving pane and pull sideways until the opening is sufficient for your needs. Unlike vertically opening windows, there is no need to turn a latch or other locking mechanism to keep the window in the right position.

Best Uses for Slider Windows

Slider windows come in a huge variety of sizes and multiple styles to match any style of architecture. Because they move side to side, they come in bigger sizes than double-hung windows, making them ideal for placement in areas where you want the best view. Common areas for placement include facing the front or backyard.

Pros and Cons of Slider Windows

Like any product, slider windows have advantages and disadvantages you need to know about to make the right decision for your home. Pros of slider windows include:

  • Minimal framing to maximize your view
  • Easy opening and closing
  • Simple construction makes them affordable
  • Good for more difficult-to-reach spaces

On the other hand, be sure to consider these potential cons:

  • Slightly less energy-efficient than other windows
  • Need drainage holes to prevent mildew
  • More difficult to clean the outside of the window

Slider Windows vs. Other Window Types

You have many options when choosing window styles for your home, so it’s worth knowing how slider windows compare. Here are the main differences between sliders and other common window types.

  • Slider vs. double-hung: Double-hung windows are smaller and offer less ventilation, but they allow the more convenient tilt-in panes for easier cleaning.
  • Slider vs. single-hung: Single-hung windows are typically more affordable, but they’re also smaller and offer less flexibility in opening style.
  • Slider vs. casement: Casement windows, also known as crank windows, are best for tall and narrow openings and cannot support window AC units as sliders can.
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