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Hopper Windows for Omaha-Area Homes

Ready to change up your home with new or replacement hopper windows? A hopper window allows you to get exceptional ventilation and light access while protecting your home against intrusion, violations of privacy, or energy waste.

A hopper window is a great way to add ventilation and light to your Omaha home without any of the drawbacks of larger windows or windows of different styles.

To best meet your goals, you’ll want to work with a skilled, polite, experienced team of designers and installers — a team like the one at Zen Windows Omaha. We’ll interview you to determine your window goals (even if you’re not sure what they are yet), help you pick the right window, customize it to better fit your goals, home, and budget, then install it perfectly.

Zen Windows makes buying hopper windows a fun, painless experience.

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What Are Hopper Windows?

hopper window installed in basement

A hopper window is a type of window that’s usually small and higher up on the wall. It opens outward from the top by a hinge at the bottom. It’s the opposite of an awning window, which opens out from the bottom with a hinge at the top and creates an overhang, though they’re used frequently for many of the same purposes.

The result is a window that allows for significant ventilation relative to its size and can be installed where space is at a premium, or you don’t want people outside to see in easily.

They’re probably most common in basements, where a location high on the wall without potentially allowing debris into your home is ideal, or in bathrooms, where placing them high on the wall allows ventilation and light while preserving privacy and ease of operation.

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Hopper Windows vs. Awning Windows: Pros & Cons

Hopper windows are good-looking windows with little room for aesthetic mistakes, looking elegant and simple without being a distraction in a room.

While hardly the most exciting window for your home’s exterior, they can look great inside a room, as they allow in light and a view even in a room where you might value privacy or not be able to install a full-height window. Of course, most of these traits also apply to awning windows, so it’s important to assess the differences between them.

By opening at the top instead of the bottom, a hopper window can require a bit of care to avoid letting rain or falling leaves into your home when it’s open, and it shouldn’t be open during bad weather. An awning window, by contrast, can provide ventilation and light without these concerns, as the awning shape keeps falling rain and debris out.

A hopper window, by contrast, is less likely to have trouble with its hinges since they’re not holding up the full weight of a hanging window. It’s also arguably a safer window, as it’s much harder for people or animals to get through an open hopper window than an open awning window (though, depending on size, this might be impossible for people regardless).

Finally, hopper windows are a smart choice for basements where the bottom of the window might be near ground level, as an awning window can allow debris to be pushed in by the wind with little effort, dirtying your home or blocking its operation, while a hopper window will be secure against such things.

Choose Zen Windows Omaha for Hopper Window Installation

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We don’t engage in high-pressure sales tactics, we don’t try to get money from you before we start any work, and we cover everything we do with a combination of in-house warranties and the manufacturer’s warranties.

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