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Casement Window Replacement in Omaha, NE

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal & Ventilation With New Casement Windows

Casement windows are a great choice when you want a great view and plenty of fresh air for your Omaha home. These simple, reliable, and easy-to-operate windows work well alone or as part of a larger window grouping.

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Considering a casement window for your Omaha home? Talk to our team at Zen Windows Omaha. We offer casement window installation throughout the Omaha area, and our experts can recommend the best replacement windows for your application. We offer lifetime warranties for our windows, plus excellent service and professional installations.

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What Is a Casement Window?

A casement window features a single sash of glass and is typically taller than it is wide. It’s hinged at the side to swing open like a door, typically outward, via a crank mechanism mounted on the interior frame.

Casement windows can be installed alone, but they’re more often paired with picture windows, bay windows, or double-hung windows for extra light, ventilation, and style.

The Benefits of Casement Windows

Casement windows flanking a picture window in a bay formation

When you choose a casement window from Zen Windows Omaha, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Extra airflow: Casement windows open wider than other windows, providing excellent ventilation during nice weather.
  • Efficiency: At Zen Windows Omaha, our casement windows are well-designed and manufactured to produce the best balance of efficiency and cost.
  • Security: Our casement windows feature a strong hook latch to lock the windows when closed and a durable crank mechanism that resists forcing when open.
  • Wide-open views: Unlike double-hung windows, there are no horizontal bars to block the view.

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Where Should Casement Windows Be Installed?

Casement windows can be installed virtually anywhere in your Omaha home, but they’re often best for areas where you want a great view, such as living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, or kitchens. They work with nearly any home style, traditional or modern, from ranch and duplex homes to Cape Cod and Victorian.

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The Energy Efficiency of Casement Windows

At Zen Windows Omaha, we offer several options to boost the efficiency and performance of our windows, from insulated frames to dual-pane glass and low-E coatings. Here are the features of our three window lines:

  • Karma: A dual-pane window, the Karma series features low-E, single-strength glass, argon gas fill, or extra insulation between the panes, and Intercept warm-edge spacers to reduce heat loss.
  • Nirvana: Featuring dual-pane, double-strength glass with a low-E coating, the Nirvana series also includes an argon gas fill and the Intercept warm-edge spacer, along with a Comfort Foam insulated frame.
  • Lotus: With three panes of glass for the ultimate in thermal performance, our Lotus series features the Ultra S glass system with double-strength glass, argon gas, and dual low-E coatings, plus an advanced warm-edge spacer.

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Simple and Accurate Quotes

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Upgrade your view, your home’s curb appeal, and its energy efficiency with a casement window from Zen Windows Omaha. By choosing our company for replacement windows in the Omaha area, you can enjoy these impressive benefits:

  • Top-quality windows with a professional installation
  • A lifetime labor and materials warranty on each window
  • Great financing options with no money down
  • Hassle-free, no-obligation quotes that are fast and accurate
  • No high-pressure sales tactics, in-home demos, or pushy salespeople

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Casement Window FAQs

Can double-hung windows be replaced with casement windows?

Yes, a double-hung window can be replaced with a casement window. The framing required is similar, so it’s just a matter of ordering the correct size casement window for the opening. For help measuring your windows correctly, talk to our experts at Zen Windows today.

Can casement windows have screens?

Most casement windows use a crank to open and close the window, which does not interfere with installing a screen. Many casement windows have screens included, or they can easily be added after installation. At Zen Windows, our casement windows are all available with screens to provide plenty of fresh air while keeping insects out.

Do casement windows open inward or outward?

In most instances, casement windows will open outward to avoid wasting interior space. However, inward-opening casement windows are available for homes that have the interior room for the window to swing inward. In-swing casement windows work well over window seats or shelving units.

Both types of casement windows feature heavy-duty crank mechanisms to ensure the window is secure whether it opens inward or outward.

Are there horizontal casement windows?

Awning windows and hopper windows offer similar design and construction to casement windows. Instead of being hinged at the side, however, awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, providing some protection from the rain and plenty of fresh air.

Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and typically open inward, providing ventilation and light in areas like basements or above entry doors while keeping the home secure.

Are casement windows energy-efficient?

With a quality frame and glass, casement windows can be quite efficient. At Zen Windows, we feature high-quality casement windows with energy-efficient features like fusion-welded vinyl frames, high-performance warm-edge spacers, dual- or triple-pane glass, argon or krypton infill, and quality low-E coatings.

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