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Bay Windows

Interested in a timeless window design that can enhance the beauty of a room while simultaneously adding space to it? Bay windows can do exactly that for you, combining form and function to immediately transform any room of your home into something truly special. The expert design and installation teams at Zen Windows can help you choose and customize exceptional products from respected manufacturers and install them perfectly to spec — and all of it will be backed by our exceptional warranties.

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What Are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are assemblies that combine multiple windows to create an arced projection from your home, bringing space from outside of your home into it.

Your typical bay window uses a single larger central window flanked by smaller windows, creating a boxy shape with an emphasis on the larger central window. In this arrangement, the smaller windows might be fixed windows like the central window or an operable window such as a casement window or slider window.

Bay windows are larger and take up more space and attention in a room than most other window designs, and in exchange, they add additional space to your room. A smaller bay window might take up only a quarter of a wall, but a larger design might span nearly the entire length of a room, completely reshaping the room’s aesthetic and adding a significant amount of usable space. Bay windows are most popularly used in larger public spaces, such as lounges, living rooms, and other seating areas.

The Advantages of Bay Windows

  • A great view and plenty of light: You can enjoy an excellent view of your lawn while simultaneously introducing an exceptional amount of natural light to the room you install bay windows in.
  • Add usable space to a room: The space created by a bay window can be used for decorations or storage, or it can serve as a unique seating area.
  • Ventilation and energy efficiency: Your bay window can offer ventilation through operable side windows, or you can choose a fully fixed design to most effectively seal out the elements.
  • Increase the value of your home: Bay windows are considered quite desirable and add real value and curb appeal to any home. You can think of upgrading to a bay window as an investment as much as an expenditure.

What’s the Difference Between Bay & Bow Windows?

While bay windows and bow windows are quite similar in that they project from your home in the form of an arc, they’re usually easy to distinguish. A bay window features a single large primary window with smaller flanking windows, while a bow window will feature multiple panes of equal size. Bow windows will usually have more component windows and will result in a less boxy appearance than a bay window offers.

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