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Double-Hung Windows in Omaha

The Most Popular Replacement Window Style in Omaha

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Double-hung windows come with two sashes that, when moved up or down, allow for ventilation on the window’s top, bottom, or both. The lower sash is typically in front of the upper one.

This type of window can be made with a solid pane of glass or built-in sash bars (muntins) to create an illusion of separate panes. Some double-hung window models feature snap-in removable grids, which can add considerable charm to spaces where they’re used.

The side jamb grooves in double-hung windows allow the sashes to slide separately from each other. Full-window or half-window screens are also available for different models.

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Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows also have upper and lower sashes, so they look the same from a distance. In double-hung windows, however, both sashes can move. A single-hung window’s upper sash is fixed in place, with only the bottom one moveable.

Other differences include:

  • Cost. Because double-hung windows have more moving parts, they tend to have a higher price than single-hung versions.
  • Ventilation. Because you can open both sashes, your home gets better ventilation and fresh air circulation with double-hung windows.
  • Energy savings. Depending on the type of glass installed, both single- and double-hung windows are energy-efficient. Double- and triple-paned windows, especially those with gas insulation between the panes, are more energy-efficient than single-paned ones. No matter which type of window you choose, expert installation ensures optimal energy efficiency.

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