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Patio Door Installation in Omaha, NE

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Patio and sliding doors are versatile in their material and function. Zen Windows provides the following styles for patio door replacements and installation:

  • Traditional sliding patio doors: The most common patio door style, sliding glass doors are set on a track, open horizontally, and are good for increased airflow.
  • French patio doors: These doors are hinged like entry doors, are set side by side, and often feature design work in the glass.
  • Folding patio doors: For a modern twist on the classic sliding door, folding patio doors work like an accordion to open and close with anywhere from two to eight panels.

Zen Windows offers a variety of customizable features for your new sliding patio door, including vinyl and fiberglass materials. A wide selection of colors is available to match any decorative style, so your sliding door is sure to be unique to your home.

Benefits of Patio Doors

Besides beauty, glass patio and sliding doors offer great practical benefits to your home and overall lifestyle. Here are some reasons a patio door replacement is a smart option for home improvement:

  • Light: Patio doors are primarily comprised of glass, allowing more natural light into your living space. Natural light is believed to boost mood, energy, and mental health.
  • Airflow: Sometimes, fresh air needs to circulate indoors to push out stale or contaminated air. This is important now more than ever, as buildings must function to support better health and prevent viral spread. There are many methods to achieve good indoor air quality (like air purifiers and fan vents), but there’s no substitute for fresh air to quickly reset the environment.
  • Entertainment: Sliding glass doors, or any additional entries, allow for better traffic flow, making entertaining a breeze.
  • Energy efficiency: Glass doors can let light (and heat) in while keeping cool air out. Doors fitted with composite gaskets are virtually sound and weatherproof, offering an airtight seal for enhanced thermal insulation. Glazing can protect against UV damage and provide extra thermal insulation for a more energy-efficient surface. You can get all the perks of a glass opening without sacrificing comfort or air loss!
  • Security: While homeowners in the past have raised concerns about the safety of sliding doors, advancements in glass and door manufacturing have greatly improved their security. With thicker glass and available double-lock features, sliding doors provide equal parts beauty and security.

sliding glass patio doorWhat To Consider Before Installing a Patio Door

As you prepare to replace and install a patio door, think about:

  • Functionality: What are you trying to accomplish with a new door? What activities will be happening inside and outside the door? These things will determine the style of door you need. While everyone dreams of gorgeous French doors, you may not have the space for them to swing open, or you will be going in and out of them so often that a sliding door with a screen might be better.
  • Fit: Have a professional door installer evaluate how much space you may (or may not) have for your desired door type. Again, you want to ensure you leave room for the activities that will take place, how many people could be flooding in the door, etc. Be sure to choose a door that’s a good “fit” — both in size and function — for the outdoor space you’re connecting to.
  • Material: Material choices like vinyl, steel, and wood are all part of the selection process. Zen Windows professionals can walk you through the details to determine which materials are best to hold up against your weather conditions and functional needs.

Why Choose Zen Windows for Patio Door Installation?

From initial consultation through design and installation, we deliver an exceptional buying experience. While most companies make this same claim, we live and breathe it. We’re not here for the hard sell. We’re here to help you find the best fit for your needs.

Along with an authentic buying experience, you get the following from Zen Windows:

  • 100% accurate quotes
  • Zero-hassle sales process
  • No upfront deposits
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Excellent financing options
  • Direct access to the owner

Patio door replacements make a big impact on your home’s beauty, value, and function. Call 515-207-8789 today, or get started with an online quote.

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